3D Printing Leaders Partner to Help O&P Practices

3D Printing Leaders Partner to Help O&P Practices

Fargo, ND – April 4, 2022

Today, Protosthetics, a leading 3D printing central fabricator for the O&P profession, is proud to announce a unique partnership with Filament Innovations, an innovative manufacturer of 3D printers based here in the USA.  This collaboration enables a wider assortment of 3D printer models for O&P practices while maintaining the unique service approach of Protosthetics’ Galileo program that makes getting started easier and less expensive with In-Clinic 3D Printing a reality.

“This exclusive arrangement allows each company to do what they are best at,” stated Darren Jacoby, CEO of Protosthetics “Our unique Galileo service model makes getting started with In-Clinic 3D Printing so much more manageable than any other offering in the O&P field. Working closely with Filament Innovations allows our services to now be available on an even broader range of 3D printers to meet each group’s specific needs through high-flow FDM 3D Printing.”

“Being able to provide the best high-flow printers in the industry, that work with a broad range of materials, is our primary goal,” explained Mike Gorski, CEO of Filament Innovations.  “By partnering with Protosthetics, our team can focus on hardware innovation and manufacturing, while the Protosthetics team can complete the loop with training, support, and high-level service directly applicable to the O&P field.  This arrangement brings industry specific technical support through Protosthetics and hardware innovation from Filament Innovations, giving clinics the complete 3D Printing package they deserve.

Protosthetics team
Filament Innovations at Protosthetics HQ in Fargo, ND

The combined efforts of Filament Innovations and Protosthetics will bring the following together to help practices manage In-Clinic 3D Printing and into an improved clinical workflow much more quickly:

  • Ability to purchase equipment out right or lease with subscription
  • An on-site, remotely managed Filament Innovations 3D printer into every clinic,
  • A 3D printer that is “white glove installed” by the Protosthetics team,
  • Upload 3D scans so the Protosthetics Product Engineering Team can prepare the shape and send it to your on-site 3D printer,
  • On-site training provided by the Protosthetics team, and
  • Uncapped printing, unlimited customer support, and a full warranty / repair program.

Through this exclusive program, clinics can realize upwards of 80% savings on each manufactured product – with days shaved off turnaround, and unprecedented customer support.  It’s a new day for bringing the real-world benefits of 3D printing to every O&P clinic in the country.

About Protosthetics

Protosthetics was the first central fab facility in the United States to be based on 3Dprinting and CAD/CAM manufacturing. Using this technology means lower costs, shorter lead times, and repeatable, predictable quality each and every time. The introduction of the Galileo program is now bringing 3D printing revolution to O&P practices in a new, cost-effective way.  


About Filament Innovations

Filament Innovations is a family-owned company who supports USA manufacturing and is focused on the growth of industrial, high-flow FDM and FGF 3D Printing.  The Filament Innovations 3D Printers are designed to be work-horses.  While running non-stop, with minimal maintenance, these printers are easy to use and deliver amazing quality prints that work exceptionally well in the O&P field.


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