First O&P Plug and Play, In-House 3D Printing Solution

First O&P Plug and Play, In-House 3D Printing Solution

Fargo, ND – April 15, 2022

Protosthetics, the leading 3D printing central fabricator for the O&P profession, has launched Galileo. This innovative approach is the field’s first full-service, in-house 3D printing program that has been expressly built from the ground up for everyday use in O&P practices. The new Galileo System overcomes the three main reasons that practices have not been willing to make the leap to 3D printing - high up front capital investments, a lack of familiarity with 3D modeling software, and the added complexity of managing prints and maintenance on 3D printers.

“Galileo was built from the ground up to solve these issues that O&P practices have with moving to 3D printing,” stated Darren Jacoby, CEO of Protosthetics.  “Our sole focus is on how to make the digital world easy to use for clinicians so that practices can realize the speed, efficiency, and savings that 3D printing in clinic can provide, enabling clinicians to focus more deeply on patient care.”  

The Galileo program incorporates innovative approaches to help practices managing the learning curve and into an improved clinical workflow much more quickly:

  • No upfront investment with a flat monthly fee instead
  • An on-site, remotely managed 3D printer into every Galileo clinic
  • A 3D printer that is “white glove installed” by the Protosthetics Galileo team
  • Upload 3D scans with modification requests so the Galileo Product Engineering Team can prepare the shape and send it to the on-site 3D printer
  • On-site training provided by the Galileo team, and
  • Uncapped printing, unlimited customer support, and a full warranty / repair program
“The mindset of creating 3D printing as a service for O&P practices is truly innovative,” says Aaron Sorenson, CPO and CEO of Restorative Health Services Group.  “We’re excited by how positively the Galileo program is impacting our patient care process. The interactive Galileo system connects our clinicians to experts in 3D printing who help us make successful sockets happen in real-time, improving turnaround, reducing costs, and allowing our fabrication team to deliver our higher-end products more efficiently.”

With the Galileo program, clinics can realize upwards of 80% savings on each manufactured product – with days shaved off turnaround, and unprecedented customer support.  With the Galileo program, it’s a new day for bringing the real-world benefits of 3D printing to every O&P clinic in the country.

About Protosthetics

Protosthetics was the first central fab facility in the United States to be based solely on 3D printing and CAD/CAM manufacturing.  Using this technology means lower costs, shorter lead times, and repeatable, predictable quality each and every time. The introduction of the Galileo System is now bringing 3D printing revolution directly to O&P practices in a new, cost-effective way.  


About Restorative Health Services Group

From the beginning, Restorative Health Services Group (RHSG) president and owner, Aaron Sorensen, CPO, has been committed to keeping RHS as a privately held Tennessee company. Not only is Aaron the owner, but he is also a clinician who sees and treats a full caseload of patients every day. Not being owned by a venture capitalist, private equity firm or being a publicly traded company means RHSG does not answer to shareholders or financial drivers which would result in making our main focus to maximize corporate profits. This allows us latitude that many other Tennessee prosthetic and orthotic companies do not have.

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